They Don’t Tell You This Stuff

“Dad, can I have the keys to the SUV?” This question doesn’t sound unusual—unless it comes from your ten-year-old. Picture it. Your daughter walks into the room and says, “Dad, I’d like the keys so I can drive over to pick up my friends and then go meet a bunch of guys we’ve never met before and see what happens.” How would you respond? Honestly, I don’t know a parent who would give their ten-year-old this kind of freedom. But the majority of parents do . . . when they give their child a phone.

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Understanding Your Teen’s Digital World

I’ve been doing lots of radio interviews the last few weeks with the launch of my new book, Parenting Generation Screen. Today Focus on the Family had me on their broadcast, and they posted a nice video of the interview on their YouTube channel…a really fun conversation about what we can actually do (…and not do) to help our kids learn to make wise screen choices. I think the part parents might need to hear the most is when I say this…

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Helping Young People Become ScreenWise

Last year researchers put their heads together about the effects of screen time on young people and found two things they agree one… which gives insight to what Mom and Dad can do to help their kids?

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Mom, Can I Download this App?

If you’re a parent of kids with screens, then you probably would like to know what apps they’re downloading. . .or better yet. . .you probably would like to help them learn to become screen-wise and avoid dangerous apps. So what does that look like?

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But my kid REALLY wants a smartphone

Three important tips to consider when your kids beg for a phone

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But Mom, I really need my phone in my bedroom

The Link Between Screens, Sleep Loss and Depression…
and What Mom and Dad Can Actually Do about It

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Mom, I Want to Be a TikTok Star

Influencer: Possibility or Fantasy?

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The Unforeseen Problem with Insta Followers

Why pedophiles and sex traffickers are loving social media

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